Mobile health surveillance tech

Mosaic provides support to JHU-APL, Metabiota, GVFI-Cameroon and CRESAR in the implementation of the GEIS-funded SAGES project. SAGES is assisting the Cameroon government to collect health surveillance data electronically and forward to central data users. This system is being piloted to evaluate how much of an advantage such as system has over conventional paper based reporting systems.

Behavioral data collection tech

Mosaic has assisted projects funded by USAID and DHAPP in developing and trialling new technology for data collection for quantitative and qualitative studies. These technologies assisted in recording and transferring data in ways that freed field and analytical staff to focus on their tasks rather than on management of complex and logistically demanding data sets in difficult environments in DRC and Cameroon. 

Laboratory tech

Mosaic provided technical support for the development of a BSL-2+ laboratory in Yaounde. This laboratory is used for the diagnosis and discovery of novel human and wildlife pathogens.

Wildlife tech

We have deployed a number of new technologies in central Africa for wildlife capture and identification as part of wildlife surveillance and inventory.

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