Mosaic provides technical assistance and oversight services for health research protocols and data collection. Mosaic has lead and assisted research protocols in collaboration with government, universities, companies and international organisations.


Mosaic has internal capacity and access to a network of highly qualified and experienced partners for diverse health and epidemiological studies.We also have a diverse literature collection, and partners with specimen banks and historical data access to help you complete benchtop assessments and studies.


Through development and implementation of training programs and modules including field research techniques, sample collection, protocol preparation, data management and biosecurity, Mosaic can assist your organisation in the development of your internal capacities to achieve your goals more efficiently.


Mosaic can provide end-to-end program management solutions to meet your objectives. We can provide technical and management oversight or achieve specific objectives such as research permit administration. Contact us for details of how we can assist you achieve your goals.

Mosaic has implemented a diversity of health projects in Cameroon with support and collaboration from governments, communities, companies, universities international organisations and individuals. The Mosaic network of technicians, scientists and experts can provide similar support for your projects. 

Predict - USAID

Mosaic has supported MetabiotaUCDavis and GVFI-Cameroon in the implementation of the Predict project, part of the USAID EPT Program in Cameroon. Predict main aims are to monitor for and increase the local capacity in geographic hotspots to identify the emergence of new infectious diseases in high-risk wildlife such as bats, rodents and non-human primates that could pose a threat to human health. We have assisted in developing protocols, training documents, and collection analysis and interpretation of samples. Mosaic also provided support for the development of a BSL-2+ laboratory in Yaounde for the analysis of these samples.


Mosaic provides oversight and technical support to JHU, Metabiota and GVFI-Cameroon for the USAID funded R2P-project.R2P aims to identify effective interventions for preventing HIV and improving HIV prevention programs in Most At Risk Populations in the countries most affected by the HIV epidemic. 

Mobile technology - SAGES

Mosaic provides support to the JHU-APL, Metabiota, GVFI-Cameroon and CRESAR in the implementation of the GEIS-funded SAGES project. SAGES is assisting the Cameroon government to collect health surveillance data electronically and forward to central data users. This system is being piloted to evaluate how much of an advantage such as system has over conventional paper based reporting systems.

Influenza surveillance

Mosaic led GEIS-funded studies on human and animal influenza in Cameroon in cooperation with MINEPIA and MINSANTE for Metabiota and GVFI-Cameroon.  

Hunting and disease emergence

Mosaic has developed participatory techniques for surveillance of emerging infectious diseases in collaboration with Global Viral and has deployed these techniques in Africa, Madagascar and Asia. See our publication list for details of some of the discoveries made through this surveillance network.

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