Download papers from our health studies here:

Review: Human pentastomiasis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses 2016

Evidence for henipavirus spillover into human populations in Africa. Nature Communications 2014

Reorganization and expansion of the nidoviral family Arteriviridae. Archives of Virology 2015

Gender-based violence against female sex workers in Cameroon: prevalence and associations with sexual HIV risk and access to health services and justice. Sexually Transmitted Infections 2016

A gorilla reservoir for human T-lymphotropic virus type 4. Retrovirology 2012

Hepatitis C virus infections in the Democratic Republic of Congo exhibit a cohort effect. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 2013

Novel simian foamy virus infections in women from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Retrovirology 2012

High seroprevalence of enterovirus infections in apes and old world monkeys. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2012

Failure to Detect Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in a Large Cameroonian Cohort with High Non-human Primate Exposure. Ecohealth 2012

Species association of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in non-human apes; Evidence for recombination between gorilla and chimpanzee variants. PLoS ONE 2012

Characterization of a new simian immunodeficiency virus strain in a naturally infected Pan troglodytes troglodytes chimpanzee with AIDS related symptoms. Retrovirology 2011

Risk factors for African tick-bite fever in rural central Africa. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2011

Widespread infection with homologues of human parvoviruses B19, PARV4, and human bocavirus of chimpanzees and gorillas in the wild. Journal of Virology 2010

HIV Type 1 pol Gene Diversity and Genotypic Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Mutations in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2010

The origin of malignant malaria. PNAS 2009

Exposure to wild primates among HIV-infected persons.EID 2007

Patterns of bushmeat hunting and perceptions of disease risk among central African communities. Animal Conservation 2006

Emergence of unique primate T-lymphotropic viruses among central African bushmeat hunters PNAS 2005

Download papers from our wildlife and environment studies here:

Atlas des reptiles du Cameroun. IRD, MNHN. 2007

The reptiles of the summits of Mont Oku and the Bamenda Highlands, Cameroon. Amphibian & Reptile Conservation 2015

First report of Rhabdias (Nematoda: Rhabdiasoidea) from lungs of montane chameleons in Cameroon: description of two new species and notes on biology Parasite 2008

The first record of the African Sheath-tailed Bat Coleura afra in Cameroon. African Bat Conservation News 2014

Phylogenetic–phylogenomic approach for species tree estimation in African Agama lizards. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2014

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Changes in elephant movement and home ranges in the Waza region, Cameroon. Scientific Research and Essay 2009

Phylogeny of the genus Agamabased on mitochondrial DNA sequence data.Bonner zoologische Beiträge 2009

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New species of Hemidactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Cameroon. African Journal of Herpetology 2006

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