Mosaic provides environmental assessment and management services specialised in central Africa from its base in Yaounde, Cameroon. Through a network of technicians, scientists and experts Mosaic can provide desktop or field support to help you achieve your development goals. With over 10 years of experience in wildlife conservation, impact assessment and ecological research Mosaic has provided support to government, communities, companies, international organisations and individuals.


Mosaic has internal capacity and access to a network of highly qualified and experienced partners for diverse wildlife and environment studies. We also have diverse literature, specimen and data access to help you complete desktop-based assessments and studies.


Through development and implementation of training programs and modules including field wildlife techniques, data management and biosecurity, Mosaic can assist your organisation in the development of your internal capacities to achieve your goals more efficiently. .


Mosaic can provide end-to-end program management solutions to meet your objectives. We can provide technical and management oversight or achieve specific objectives such as research permit administration. Contact us for details of how we can assist you achieve your goals..

Our network of technicians, scientists and experts can provide similar support for your projects.

Site-based wildlife inventories

Mosaic can deploy specialised individuals or teams to undertake threatened species assessments and wildlife inventories for assessments for mining, logging, plantation development, conservation management planning and disease risk studies. Our teams use conventional and modern techniques for inventories including sonar detection of bats and camera trapping.

Threatened species reviews and management plans

Mosaic provides expert advice to the Cameroon government, IUCN specialist groups and regional action plan teams on threatened and protected species in Cameroon. We are currently collaborating with the Cameroon and French Governments, LAGA and the Garoua Wildlife School on a book of protected fauna in Cameroon.

Taxonomic group studies

Mosaic has undertaken comprehensive reviews of various fauna groups leading to the publication of a book on the Reptiles of Cameroon and a significant advance on the knowledge of small mammals in Cameroon. Please see our data pages for information on our central African wildlife data resources.

Descriptions of new species

A number of species previously unknown to science have been discovered through Mosaic's environmental assessment work. See our downloads page for links to the papers describing these new species.

Camera trapping undertaken by Mosaic of one of the few remaining gorilla populations in the Centre Region, Cameroon. This population is entirely outside of protected areas and does not have any current direct conservation support.

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